$25 an hour – Full-time

Personnel in this position are directly responsible for properly deploying and monitoring the status and locations of all on-duty units. These individuals must use approved System Status Management techniques which ensures the efficient and appropriate use of those resources. Controllers serve as the first contact with callers and, therefore, will often be called upon to calm and direct the actions of lay persons, prior to the arrival of EMS personnel, using Medical Priority Dispatch protocols which includes, but is not limited to, CPR instructions, birthing/OB instructions, maintaining an unconscious person’s airway, choking instructions, and hemorrhage control. A controller must have intricate knowledge of the MedStar service area in order to ensure deployment of appropriate units and to provide direction to ambulance personnel. Due to the job being time-driven, applicants must possess the innate ability to perform several tasks at one time while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

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