Starting Annual Salary of $55,000 – $72,000 DOQ, plus an excellent benefits package.

The Lead Trainer facilitates the learning process through development, preparation, and presentation of subjects utilizing adult learning principles and on-going assessments that enable learners to build and maintain skills, enhance proficiency, and meet stated objectives. This position assists the Training and Development Coordinator (TDC) with the agency’s training, instructor contracts, agreements, programs, facilities, and services that support professional standards and credentialing in the area of public safety emergency communications. The Lead Trainer is responsible for complying with policies, rules and procedures for programs undertaken by the District to acknowledge professional standards and benchmarks. This position assists the TDC with facility accommodations, supplies, student materials, training records, instructor evaluations, and instructor contracts.  Other responsibilities include assisting the TDC with maintaining the training facility, establishing an annual schedule of class offerings (to include online training), maintaining registrations and registration files, maintaining TC9-1-1 Training website presence and content, submitting student hours to TCOLE for appropriate credit,  contracting with qualified instructors, tracking and adapting training hours to meet industry certification standards, maintaining student records, printing and preparing class material, evaluating training content and learning objectives, evaluating instructors, attending meetings and conferences for professional and educational purposes and formulating budgetary recommendations to support the needs of the area of oversight. In support of the TDC, the Lead Trainer will assist with issuing payment requests to the Finance Manager when contractual obligations have been fulfilled and performing tasks specified by TCOLE for the Training Coordinator.  The Lead Trainer will track industry standards for training at the various levels of public safety expertise impacting 9-1-1 emergency services and serves as the subject matter expert on Public Safety curriculum, certification and licensing. The Lead Trainer will fill in when a contract instructor is not available when applicable. The Lead Trainer will assist the PSAP Support Analyst and Operation Support Specialist in training tasks.