Police Dispatcher

Regular Full-Time

Department:  Police

Division:  Communications

Job Type:  Full Time

FLSA Status:  Non Exempt

Pay Rate:  $24.37 – 27.20 hourly

Position Summary

Dispatches police, fire, and emergency calls.  Monitors and coordinates all public safety traffic.  Answers emergency phone calls and responds accordingly. Transmits, receives, and relays teletype information.  Ability to work all shifts (days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays) as required.  

Essential Job Functions

 1.    Transmits, receives and coordinates radio traffic.

 2.    Answers emergency and non-emergency phone calls and relays information.

 3.    Sends and receives teletype information and relays it to appropriate personnel or divisions.

 4.    Maintains phone contact with public safety agencies.

 5.    Monitors and relays radio traffic on other frequencies such as city services and intercity.

 6.    Enters warrants and stolen and recovered items into the computer system.

 7.    Operates TLETS/NLETS data terminal for various information.

 8.    Obtains and maintains TCIC/NCIC and CJIS access.

 9.    Must obtain certification as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) through the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch (NAED).

 10.    Performs related duties as assigned. 

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

1.     Skills in thinking clearly, acting effectively in 911 emergency situations, and in making decisions with accuracy and astuteness.  

2.    Skills in typing (45 correct words per minute; skills test will be given).

3.    Ability to handle several tasks simultaneously, most of which involve a high level of stress.  

4.    Ability to verbally communicate quickly and effectively with a clear and understandable voice.  

5.    Ability to deal with people in emotional, high-stress situations.  

6.    Ability to learn basic criminal and traffic laws, code of criminal procedures, fire equipment and procedures, City of Hurst Municipal Code, Hurst Police Department General Orders Manual, and City of Hurst Personnel Policies and Procedure Manual.  

7.    Ability to learn radio procedures, computer-aided dispatch systems, and teletype guidelines.

8.    Ability to obtain TCOLE Basic Telecommunicator License.  

9.    Ability to work cooperatively with co-workers.

10.    Ability to sit for long periods of time.  

11.     Ability to learn and adhere to the City of Hurst Code of Ideals.

12.    Ability to testify in legal proceedings.  

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