Telecommunicator ($21.15 – $27.50 per hour)


Performs all work related to all communications activities of the Police Department.  Receives and dispatches all requests for police, fire and other emergency service, assistance, and information.  Works closely by telephone, radio, teletype, and computer or in person with other employees of the department, other departments, and agencies as well as the public. 

  • Communicates by radio, telephone, teletype, and remote access terminal of the Texas/National Crime Information Center.
  • Assists departmental personnel in routine maintenance of records and departmental reports of all types.
  • Performs routine entry of statistical data into the automated databases via video display terminals.
  • Assists other departmental personnel with requests for information.
  • Processes documents related to Municipal Court.
  • Audibly or visually monitors all prisoners placed in holding cells.
  • Receives and dispatches all requests for police, fire, wreckers, and medical services.
  • Receives incoming calls on both the telephone and two-way radio, including Animal Control, Public Works, all emergency services, and 911.
  • Advises persons dialing 911 of emergency procedures when able.
  • Performs computer-assisted and manual records checks for officers on individuals, locations, vehicles, and other property, sometimes verifying warrants or reports of stolen property with the originating party.
  • Maintains, updates, and accesses various logs and computer data files for all officer activities, including incident reports, stolen or repossessed property logs, maps, shift logs, etc.
  • Performs data entry of all officer activities for logs and records.
  • Enters information into Texas/National Crime Information computer systems.
  • Accepts various payments, including cash, and maintains the cash drawer, balancing daily.
  • Monitors entrance to and exit from the building and operates door access.
  • Completes forms and reports either on the computer or typewriter.
  • Prepares bonds and accepts money for cash bonds.
  • Maintains current technical and medical knowledge relevant to telecommunications, including reading appropriate newsletters and publications.
  • Answers telephones, takes messages, makes copies, and provides information to employees and the general public.
  • Other duties as assigned

Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or GED; practical experience in Law Enforcement or Telecommunications is preferred.

Licenses and Certificates:

Valid Class C Texas driver’s license; must be able to complete training and pass tests for TCIC/NCIC and Basic Telecommunications Certifications within six months of employment.

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