The Board of Mangers of the Tarrant County 9-1-1 District is pleased to announce the continuation of the PSAP Assistance Program. A complete Policy Manual is available by clicking the Policy Manual link. Some highlights are listed below:

  • The District will provide reimbursement for Allowable Expenses subject to availability of funds, entity allocations and annual appropriation.
  • Allowable Expenses are determined by the District Board of Managers and reviewed annually.
  • In compliance with applicable State laws, this is a prospective policy.
  • No previously purchased items or services will be considered for reimbursement. (Current year billing of multi-year contracts will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • All expenses must be approved by the District, in advance, to receive reimbursement.
  • PSAPs may submit an Application for Funding consisting of the expenditures the PSAP is requesting.
  • All applications must be received by June 30th.
  • The deadline to submit the Reimbursement Request is August 31st.
Program contact: Shinar Haynes, Executive Director | 817-334-0911