Legislation under which the District was created authorizes the District to receive a monthly per-line fee from each telephone customer of up to three percent of the service provider’s base rate. The Tarrant County fee was set by the board at two percent of AT&T’s rate (formerly Southwestern Bell). The monthly fees assessed each customer are as follows:


Residential Lines:

Business Lines:

Business Trunks:


.20 per line

1.75 per line

2.50 per line


RESOLUTION – updated August 23, 2021


History at a Glance

  • In 1984 the Texas Legislature passed the Emergency Communication District Act authorizing Texas counties with populations in excess of 75,000 to establish a special 9-1-1 service district.
  • In April 1985, the citizens of Tarrant County overwhelmingly approved (86.5% of the vote) a referendum creating a communications district and giving authorization to collect a service fee (20 cents per residential phone line, 46 cents per business phone line and 74 cents per business trunk line). Following the 1985 balloting, the Tarrant County 9-1-1 Emergency Assistance District was staffed and began implementation of 9-1-1 districtwide.
  • On August 1, 1987 Enhanced 9-1-1 was implemented in Tarrant County.