Job Overview
As a Tactical Telecommunicator, you will play a vital role in the safety and security of our airport passengers and stakeholders. You will be responsible for operating telecommunications equipment to receive and evaluate incoming calls for police, fire, and medical assistance then dispatching the appropriate personnel and equipment to the emergency sites. In addition, you will be operating and monitoring the various CCTV systems, terminal alarms, and providing surveillance support for daily incidents and criminal cases to local, state, and federal courts. If you’re ready to push yourself and your career to new levels, you should consider this great opportunity at DFW International Airport—where we are transforming the way people travel. 
What you will be doing:
•     Operating and monitoring Emergency 911 system, multiple talk group two-way radio system and departmental telephone lines, receiving and evaluating incoming requests for police, fire, and medical assistance and dispatching police, fire, and medical units as required based on the nature of the call; disseminating information to field units as required.
•     Monitoring status of all on-duty police, fire, and medical units, coordinating the availability of each unit and the need for additional assistance from on-call personnel.
•     Maintaining notification files and making requests for services from other Airport Board departments, specialized police/fire units, secondary ambulance services, wrecker service, and others as needed.
•     Monitoring critical safety and security systems such as CCTV and fire exit door alarm systems; using discretion in determining the severity of the situation and appropriate response; dispatching first responders to required events.
•     Using the CCTV system to record airfield incidents such as aircraft alerts, fires, accidents, or others as requested by the incident commander; ensuring that these video views are instantly made available to the AOC and DPS command staff.

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